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Double your RevPAR

We have helped our partners and their guests

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The DreamBoks concept has demonstrated a proven track record of success and has consistently maintained near-zero maintenance costs since its inception.

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With an average revenue per available bed (RevPAB) that is nearly 80% higher than a dorm bed and 50% of a double room, DreamBoks consistently helps our clients achieve substantial profit increases.

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Bedbugs are a major problem in the hostel and hotel industry, but DreamBoks are specifically designed to avoid this issue. With nearly 100,000 guests, we have a proven track record of success. 

“The DreamBoks has been a game-changing revenue generator for us, contributing to a yearly increase in sales of €400,000-€450,000. We have tried other capsule solutions that resulted in poor reviews, lacked privacy, and had massive maintenance challenges. DreamBoks, however, has consistently delivered outstanding performance, customer satisfaction, and has solved all these issues.."  I truly believe that DreamBoks will play a major part in future hostel or hotel properties product lines

Martin Holm Mortensen, CEO Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

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Increase Revenue

The innovative and patented DreamBoks combined with our industry expertise allows Spaces2Spaces to create the potential to double the RevPAR.  More than 100.000 in 2024 overnight customer stays have proved this. 

Safety Standards

Manufactured in Denmark to EU standards. Built with the highest fire safety and lowest fire burden standards; approved for installation. CE marked following EU standards. Developed as a plug-and-play hotel furniture piece using sustainable materials. The lock is a secure electromagnetic lock, controlled by a digital access control system.

Buy or share

Spaces2Spaces offers versatile investment options to suit your business needs. You can choose to purchase DreamBoks outright, or let Spaces2Spaces make the investment and share the revenue with you. This flexibility ensures that you can optimize your space and increase your revenue with minimal upfront costs. Contact us today to explore how DreamBoks can enhance your business.

Double Bed Comfort

The DreamBoks contains a double bed enclosed by a sliding door, ensuring that overnight guests have a safe stay with full privacy. Cabins are secure so valuables can be stored safely. Conveniently equipped with 2 USB sockets, a mirror, shelf, and LED lighting. Adjustable ventilation ensures a comfortable night´s rest and protection from ambient noise.

Integrated booking system

The DreamBoks system are open to most access controls so the door can be controlled directly by the booking systems, so you can sell overnight stays directly via the traditional OTAs without making any change to your procedure.


The DreamBoks is created with a focus on long durability and can, in principle, stand for 100 years without deterioration, making the product exceptionally sustainable. In the event that the cabin is scrapped, 99% of its materials can be recycled without losing value.

Business Model  


Your property have the option to either purchase the DreamBoks units outright or let Spaces2Spaces cover the full risk and investment in the assembly and installation.We only ask that you prepare the space as directed for optimum use of our pods.

Revenue increase share

If you let us do the investment we determine the RevPAR based on the current room configuration (existing room revenue). Our model means that after installation, you will receive 100% of your Base RevPAR. Then we share the increased revenue that  is created by the DreamBoks. 


Whether you buy or opt for a revenue-sharing model, Spaces2Spaces offers a service that guarantees the high-quality DreamBoks product remains fully functional at all times. . Our dedicated service team maintains the pods for optimal performance, allowing you to focus on maximizing revenue. Partner with us to enjoy reliable, hassle-free sleep solutions..

Win Market shares

Take your  market share from Private hotel rooms or Shared Dorm Rooms before your competitors

Top of

Get your property in top of when sorted after price and 2 persons

Buy or Revenue Share ?


Whether you want to buy or rent DreamBoks depends on the quantity you wish to set up. Typically, we do not offer a Revenue Share model  with more than 24 units for one property. For properties exceeding this number, purchasing is the viable option. Our price structure benefits bulk purchases, making the unit price cheaper as you buy more.

The Revenue Share model is ideal for hotels and hostels looking to add an extra product to their lineup without upfront investment while still increasing revenue. We can evaluate your room configurations and propose optimal solutions. For instance, converting a one-to-one dorm to DreamBoks or transforming a double room into four DreamBoks are optimal solutions, though many configurations are possible.


No matter your choice, we take care of the full installation. We can easily set up 24 DreamBoks within a week, ensuring minimal disruption and a quick turnaround for your property.

Contact us for an open discussion, and let's explore how DreamBoks can enhance your property.

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